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Slutty Slave Punishment

Slutty Slave Punishment Now the second chapter of the new "Slutty Slave" series. The slutty slave did a bad job and now it's time for his punishment: Goddess Asmondena beats his bare ass with whips, canes, paddles and everything she comes up with until it is sore and red and blue. Then it's time to pour some hot candle...

Release: Jun. 15 2019

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Wanking Spithead

Wanking Spithead This little maggot becomes so nervous and horny alone by my sight in black latex. After a little bootworship he pays me 200 Euro for permission of jerking his little dick. I just sit there smoking and spitting at him. When he was full of slime he shoot his load under my command.How pathetic was...

Release: Jun. 07 2019

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Happy Loser Under My Boots

Happy Loser Under My Boots While I am answering emails my chubby house slave is busy cleaning my dirty boots with his tongue. Like a dog he is chained with his collar at the bottom of the desk. There is a lot of dirt and even a chewing gum to remove from the soles from the last fetish party that I have visited, of course...

Release: May. 31 2019

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A Lesson With The Bullwhip

A Lesson With The Bullwhip Today I am in a cruel mood, I feel like inflicting excruciating pain to somebody. That's why slaves exist at all, isn't it? My dungeon is perfectly equipped also to fulfill My most sadistic whims... I pick my most brutal bullwhip, My outfit makes Me the perfect leather Goddess. I "free" My human...

Release: May. 24 2019

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Personal Pussyboy

Personal Pussyboy Lady Sarah has planned a delightful evening with one of her favourite slaves... A male slave she calls "Pussyboy" is soon to become personal Bitch! At first he has to kiss the feet and heels of his mistress, then worship her beautiful big round butt, wrapped in a skintight black latex...

Release: May. 17 2019

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His First Session with Lady Asmondena 2

His First Session with Lady Asmondena 2 I knew also he is addicted to nipple torture and be delivered on a gynchair. So we change into the clinic room where I took a shameful examination at him. Some dildos stretched his anus and then he had to drink some of my golden champagne, licks the entire floor clean. Finally he came under...

Release: May. 10 2019

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Facesitting And Spitting For Payslave

Facesitting And Spitting For Payslave This POV video is about a payslave who is crazy for bootworship, facesitting and spitting. Watch me tease in skintight latexdress and squeeze out every banknote from this rubber addicted...

Release: May. 03 2019

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Pathetic Pay Slave

Pathetic Pay Slave As I said upon my throne of power waiting for my daily dose of worship and admiration, I was distracted by a grunting sound. Wearing a mask and groveling like human garbage was one of my slaves. Ugly, fat, and covered in filthy hair, this horrible creature shuffled around waiting for my...

Release: Apr. 26 2019

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The Slave Toy

The Slave Toy After 3 weeks chastity my slave Bootlicker is allowed to visit me, with a tiny hope to be released from his chastity belt.. After such a long chastity every man is ready to do everything for me, extremely empathetic and obedient. I appear more glorious than ever, in my leather outfit with high...

Release: Apr. 19 2019

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Fetish Slave Secretary

Fetish Slave Secretary I was looking for a new secretary who is able to do a quick and good job for all officework. In the interview I explain him what is his purpose in the future and that I want also a true submissive nature who obey totally and without protest! To make this clear he is tested also as...

Release: Apr. 12 2019

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