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Slave Drill In Black Forest

Slave Drill In Black Forest It's summer and deep in Germany's legendary black forest, Mistress Asmondena and her little slave get it on, hardcore style. He gets the full slave treatment, including boot worship and boot licking of the hard kind (with lots of forest dirt on it), whipping, dildo licking and anal dildo...

Release: Aug. 17 2018

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The Lady Is The Boss

The Lady Is The Boss When the stern mistress is disappointed with her slave's work she slaps him, tortures him, has him worship her feet and finally puts him over her knee like a...

Release: Aug. 10 2018

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Slave Workout

Slave Workout When the slave, locked into his chastity device and plugged, licks her boots, Mistress Asmondena notices that he has become a little flubby around the midsection, so she promptly decides to help him with that by personally training him in a strict fitness programme. When his performance is...

Release: Aug. 03 2018

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Porn Wanker Slave

Porn Wanker Slave At our first meeting this slave tells me he is always watching pon at home while jerk himself off. Tat is a good reason for a cruel punishment.First het gets a proper whipping at the cross.Finally he has to thank me with plugged ass licking my leather...

Release: Jul. 29 2018

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Sissy Slave For Rent

Sissy Slave For Rent Lady Sarah asked me if I would rent her one of my sissy slaves for tonight. Sure I would and after she has arrived I show her my album of available sluts. She chooses one of my nastiest bitches because tonight at the party a lot of pervert are invited and they are very hungry for a horny...

Release: Jul. 20 2018

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Feeding The Pathetic Boot Bitch

Feeding The Pathetic Boot Bitch This slave told me he is a great admirer for many years and requested a boot session in which I should wear black leather boots. His dream is to meet me and show me how hungry he is for licking themůSo I choose some thigh high often worn boots which could really need a good cleaning job from a...

Release: Jul. 13 2018

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Virtual Session with Lady Asmondena

Virtual Session with Lady Asmondena Experience a session with me from your point of view. Be my cushion, human ashtray and spittoon! Worship my leather boots! I will educate you to an obedient object which is crawling beneath my boots. And get your reward after you have pleased...

Release: Jun. 29 2018

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Forced Feeding and Punishment

Forced Feeding and Punishment Me was reported that the catering of his employees is a real mess,so I order the manager a second time in my studio for a new punishment. First I forced him to eat some samples from his canteen,for dessert a delicious dogbiscuit... Another faceslapping,hard caning and electric torture on his...

Release: Jun. 22 2018

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Worship My Boots

Worship My Boots Some days ago I got the following custom video request: Hello Lady Asmondena. My name is B. My custom fantasy is as follows: You are standing dressed in thigh-high shiny black latex or PVC high heel boots. You are also wearing a shiny black latex-skirt and corset. The slave is naked but has...

Release: Jun. 15 2018

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Cuckold Husband Pay Check

Cuckold Husband Pay Check When I come home from shopping my cuckold husband is cleaning the living room.Not so good and what also makes me angry is that his earnings was bad this week, so my next shopping tour will be shorter than usual...reason enough for a strict and humiliating punishment. I force him to dress as a...

Release: Jun. 08 2018

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