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Mistress Trains Her Dwarf

Mistress Trains Her Dwarf The pathetic little slave is trembling and nervous, he's utterly humiliated in the presence of the beautiful tall Lady! He is to clean her leather over-knee boots with his tongue, obviously the Goddess is disappointed with his laziness and she has to motivate him with stinging face-slaps. As a...

Release: Mar. 18 2018

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Perfect Fuckhole

Perfect Fuckhole It's time again to see Lady Asmondena in Strapon Action! The Goddess was in mood to fuck this slutty hungry bitch with her giant Strapon. The little Bitch couldn't get enough of the extreme verbal abuse and got stuffed in all available...

Release: Mar. 11 2018

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Feeding A Slave Pig

Feeding A Slave Pig Here I prepare a disgusting meal for the slave pig.The ingredients are old bread, half chewed bananas, cigarette ashes and spit. Before the pig has to eat it he must jerk in the bowl.Some faceslaps helps the eagerness to swallow every piece of...

Release: Mar. 03 2018

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Harassing the Cleaningslave

Harassing the Cleaningslave Not only my boots, also the studio needs regular cleaning. So this day my nipple slave has to do this job and I had much fun to disturb his efforts to be a perfect cleaning slave. Every little mistake was immediately punished with the whip or other utilities. He had no quiet moment this...

Release: Feb. 24 2018

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Crawl Under My Heels

Crawl Under My Heels You know slave, you are a low creature! Just good enough to be always ready for serving me, pay all my bills and dream of your mean but beautiful mistress while she is going out for parties, have fun with her friends and other attractive slaves. Especially you cuckold maggot have to be always...

Release: Feb. 17 2018

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Pervert Pig Feeding

Pervert Pig Feeding Today a very strange freak arrived here in my studio: He brought for me long blue leather gloves and for himself a very realistic rubber pigmask. Asked me for that I squeeze some ripe bananas in front of his face as it would be his small soft penis. Naked, except his pigmask and horny as hell...

Release: Feb. 10 2018

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Ugly Slave

Ugly Slave Once a month, a very pervert and ugly pig is allowed to masturbate. He is really so pathetic, this fat maggot. Because I donīt want any mess of him in my dungeon, he is only allowed to have a little space in the bathroom, so he can clean easily after... This view was so embarrassing, that...

Release: Feb. 03 2018

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The Slave School

The Slave School Today you may watch how also slave novices will get their basic training by me. For this fat guy I have a very special fitness program: It starts with 50 situps against his fat belly, continued by 30 push-ups for more condition and 50 knee bends. To increase his eagerness I reward this with...

Release: Jan. 27 2018

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The Slutty Slave Dinner

The Slutty Slave Dinner The first chapter of the brand new "Slutty Slave" series! In his ugly little black dress, the slutty slave is forced to clean the high heels of his Goddess with nothing but his slutty little slave tounge of course! When he doesn't do it very well, he gets slapped in the face. Then it's time...

Release: Jan. 20 2018

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A Session in Black Leather

A Session in Black Leather Addicted for my black leather outfit this slave did all what I want. For a reward he was allowed to worship also my huge strapon which I wear under my...

Release: Jan. 13 2018

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