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The Slave Toy

The Slave Toy After 3 weeks chastity my slave Bootlicker is allowed to visit me, with a tiny hope to be released from his chastity belt.. After such a long chastity every man is ready to do everything for me, extremely empathetic and obedient. I appear more glorious than ever, in my leather outfit with high...

Release: Apr. 19 2019

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Fetish Slave Secretary

Fetish Slave Secretary I was looking for a new secretary who is able to do a quick and good job for all officework. In the interview I explain him what is his purpose in the future and that I want also a true submissive nature who obey totally and without protest! To make this clear he is tested also as...

Release: Apr. 12 2019

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Rubber Bizarre Excess

Rubber Bizarre Excess Today I was in the mood for bizarre games with my TV-maid. For the occasion I put on a black skin-fitting latex dress. Furthermore, extreme high heels (20 cm) and my new bizarre half-transparent latex mask. The little slave whore had never seen me like that; obviously excites, she was...

Release: Apr. 05 2019

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The Missed Face Slaps

The Missed Face Slaps While I enjoyed my cigarette, using the punished slave as an ashtray and spittoon I reminded that he told me lately he missed the hard face slapping videos in my member area... Maybe there could be some more from this kind of discipline and even harder as the actual shown. So what an...

Release: Mar. 29 2019

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Live Session with the Goddess

Live Session with the Goddess This slave agreed to be filmed while get educated in bootlicker training and serving as a human ashtray, spittoon. Also his nipples were treated with clamps and for a special reward he enjoyed the delicious nectar from the dog bowl while the lady rests with her boots on his back. Also he was...

Release: Mar. 23 2019

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Goddess Asmondena Teaches You To Wank

Goddess Asmondena Teaches You To Wank The video is just perfect for my little filthy pigs, who need to get really stuffed, Dressed in my sexy black latex catsuit I tell you in the most extreme way how you must get it filled. Since you explain certain things best by doing, I invited the extreme slut "Chantal" for that...

Release: Mar. 15 2019

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Funny Afternoon

Funny Afternoon What a boring afternoon until this slave newby came and after I gave him a basic lesson in bootlicking,faceslpas and spitting he became so horny that I introduce him to an inflatable lovedoll on which he may pleasure himself under my laughter ! What a pathetic view see this fool lick and fuck the...

Release: Mar. 08 2019

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Nipple Torture

Nipple Torture The slave happened to be naked but for a leather mask when I lead him into the clinic area. I had a lot of fun about his degradation, when I demanded him to do a blow job to my strap-on dildo and to lick my spit off the floor. It was time to insert pins into his breasts, of course on the...

Release: Mar. 01 2019

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Hard Times For Slaves

Hard Times For Slaves Lady Asmondena feels in a truely cruel mood, with a sudden need for slaves to humiliate and torture. That is easy to fulfill for Her, as the Lady keeps quite a few victims stored in a cellar in a secret SM location. Slave number 1 is perfectly suited for Her warm-up. Nothing should be left...

Release: Feb. 23 2019

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Double Slave Slut Training With Miss Velour Part 1

Double Slave Slut Training With Miss Velour Part 1 Because we had so much positive feedback from you, Miss Velour from England visited me a second time.Today I wanted her to introduce one of my slaves who dream about to be a perfect slave slut for his mistresses.As you can see there is a long way to bring this dream to reality. At first he has to...

Release: Feb. 15 2019

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