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High Heel Lover

High Heel Lover A great admirer and worshipper of nice feet in nylon and high heels brought me a pair of exotic pumps heels. They are made of black patent leather; the heels are at least 18cm high. I sat down comfortably on my couch, smoking a cigarillo, and I let him praise and worship Me while spoiling My...

Release: May. 18 2018

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2 Pigs Dispatched At Once

2 Pigs Dispatched At Once Today I had an anal pig here for special treatment on the gynchair.As I was just stretching his anus with a huge dildo a second pig arrives to early.Pig 1 had no problem with the viewer so I suggest to handle them both at same time. These pigs are so perverted and horny so I put on my long...

Release: May. 12 2018

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Hard Punishment For 3 Slaves

Hard Punishment For 3 Slaves The second part from my OWK Video "Cruel Goddess". In the red Bathory Chamber they experience the hell on...

Release: May. 04 2018

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Pathetic Bootlicker

Pathetic Bootlicker Jerk Under My Rubber Ass! This little horny bootslut can't believe when I say, but sometimes horny bootlickers must also have a spevial reward, even when it's only short fun.This little pig couldn't stand a long time smelling my latex and rub his dick and so juices flow so fast...

Release: Apr. 27 2018

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Wellies Slut

Wellies Slut Today I had a very horny admirer of heavy Rubber welly's in my studio. The little slut was so crazy about them! Dressed in my skintight latex catsuit and with a lot of kinky thoughts on my mind , I drove this little bitch completely crazy. He had to lick and worship the boots and at the end...

Release: Apr. 20 2018

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Mistress Trains Her Dog

Mistress Trains Her Dog Today I trained my little puppy how to be a good useful dog to me ! This horny dog had to do all what I said until I was pleased . I stuffed his ass at the end and I was so amused with this kinky...

Release: Apr. 11 2018

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Clumsy Slave Cleaning Disaster

Clumsy Slave Cleaning Disaster For this evening I had invited some friends to a little party on my roof terrace. Because the winter was long and hard there was a lot of work to bring it in good condition again. For this job I let a slave worm out of his cage and order him to clean the floor and arrange the plants and...

Release: Apr. 08 2018

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Mistress Trains Her Dwarf

Mistress Trains Her Dwarf The pathetic little slave is trembling and nervous, he's utterly humiliated in the presence of the beautiful tall Lady! He is to clean her leather over-knee boots with his tongue, obviously the Goddess is disappointed with his laziness and she has to motivate him with stinging face-slaps. As a...

Release: Mar. 18 2018

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Perfect Fuckhole

Perfect Fuckhole It's time again to see Lady Asmondena in Strapon Action! The Goddess was in mood to fuck this slutty hungry bitch with her giant Strapon. The little Bitch couldn't get enough of the extreme verbal abuse and got stuffed in all available...

Release: Mar. 11 2018

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Feeding A Slave Pig

Feeding A Slave Pig Here I prepare a disgusting meal for the slave pig.The ingredients are old bread, half chewed bananas, cigarette ashes and spit. Before the pig has to eat it he must jerk in the bowl.Some faceslaps helps the eagerness to swallow every piece of...

Release: Mar. 03 2018

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