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Spit And Ash For The Little Wanker

Spit And Ash For The Little Wanker This little worm asks me for a quick session.I let him in and let him wank his pathetic little dick for my amusement.I use him as bootlicker , human ashtray and spit on him until he shoot his pathetic load in front of my...

Release: Sep. 13 2019

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The Greatest Fan - Extreme Humiliation

The Greatest Fan - Extreme Humiliation He is one of the first members of my website, knows all my video clips, especially the clips from strap on-goddess and here he prefers the most filthy and extreme ones… Also he is an absolute submissive and passionate cross dresser. Dreaming of to be dominated, extreme humiliated also as a...

Release: Sep. 06 2019

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Visiting The Greatest Fan

Visiting The Greatest Fan After writing so many begging emails I give this little worm the chance to meet me in person.Maybe I can use this slave in one of my videos.He is a true submissive and except that he is horny for tall woman in latex he can't speak when I am in front of him. After a height comparism he worships...

Release: Aug. 30 2019

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Two Slaves In Trouble

Two Slaves In Trouble Here is my holiday special for you: A complete 1 hour session with 2 slaves filmed in a german fetish location "The Catonium". As usual the session begins with worshipping my boots.There are also hard punishments with a lot of face slapping, whipping, caning, spitting, golden shower, and of...

Release: Aug. 23 2019

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Captured Burglar

Captured Burglar Beautiful and cruel Mistress Asmondena captures a burglar in her private dungeon. Threatened with exposure, he agress to submit to her every whim..He is trapped in steel and leather, slapped, whipped and abused with giant strap-on.A fantastic Femdom...

Release: Aug. 16 2019

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My Human Toilet

My Human Toilet This fat pig has been degraded to my human toilet and trash basket. As such, he has to kneel before Me, taking whatever My sadistic fantasy inflicts him. he exposes his face, for Me to spit on it until it is nothing more than a slimy mess. I order him to masturbate to keep Me amused, while I...

Release: Aug. 09 2019

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Serving The Latex Goddess

Serving The Latex Goddess Absolutely female dominance in latex experience this rubberslave in my new hot video! After he was allowed to shine up my black latexcatsuit I force him in my vacuumbed where he is total delivered to my kinky games which include breathcontrol,full weight facesitting in which he inhale the smell...

Release: Aug. 02 2019

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Reason For Punishment

Reason For Punishment This slave had upset me repeatedly with his misbehavior, thus calling for my anger all over the weekend. On Monday I released my anger on him with an exemplary punishment. It was very hot on that day, the command of showing up in a completely closed rubber dress with mask was already a torture,...

Release: Jul. 26 2019

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Educating A House Pig

Educating A House Pig Today I show you how I train a submissive slave to my housepig. The maintenance costs are low because pigs have to eat food which is uneatable for men because of bad taste or just degenerated. For my entertainment I crush different garbage in a dog bowl and serve this to my pig. As a dessert I...

Release: Jul. 19 2019

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Bizarre Rendevous

Bizarre Rendevous I had a date with my slave in an exclusive hotel, but he arrived much too late. That was reason enough for a...

Release: Jul. 12 2019

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