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Degraded To An Object

Degraded To An Object While I am enjoying a glass of champagne and a cigarette, this slave creature is locked under a table with a hole for his head on the upper side. Here you go: the perfect human ashtray and spittoon is directly in front of me. A very entertaining view for all my guests and - needless to say -...

Release: Aug. 12 2017

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A Session For The Fat Slave Maggot

A Session For The Fat Slave Maggot If a pathetic pig likes this ask me for a session itīs a sadistic pleasure for me to humiliate him in most arrogant and extreme way! Nothing else for him except lick my boot soles, while I am arrogantly smoking and use him as an ashtray. Face slaps and spit in his slimy spit dropping fat...

Release: Aug. 06 2017

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OWK Beautiful and Merciless

OWK Beautiful and Merciless Lady Asmondenaīs first OWK film. A real success! In this 60 min video you will experience this goddess in full action. Permanently, she plagues the two slave-creatures in the cruelest manner. In their unsuccessful attempts to satisfy the demands of the strict mistress they bring to life the...

Release: Jul. 30 2017

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His First Session with Lady Asmondena

His First Session with Lady Asmondena His secret dream came true! For years now he is one of my greatest admirers, has ordered so many custom videos and now he was invited to meet me in personal. So he took the train early in the morning and arrived in the late afternoon in my studio. I knew his favorites are high heels worship,...

Release: Jul. 22 2017

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Cuckold Kitchen Cleaner

Cuckold Kitchen Cleaner A fine example of domestic discipline! The cuckold slave is cleaning the kitchen while I watch over it and find reasons to punish and harass him. Later I love to tease so he gets horny. Than I humiliate him about his small dick which he is ordered to masturbate in front of my boots. At...

Release: Jul. 16 2017

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Slave For Entertainment

Slave For Entertainment The rubber slave was already sitting at the bar, very excited, the fetish party had not yet begun and he was the first guest so far. Suddenly he perceived high heeled steps, thereafter the sight almost took his breath: Lady Asmondena, of whom he had heard that she should show up tonight,...

Release: Jul. 08 2017

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Fleecing Out The Fat Cuckold

Fleecing Out The Fat Cuckold If I wear complete black latex the little cuckold is wax in my hands.After ashtray service and some face slapping we move in the living room where he has to pay for the permission to worship my boots.Becoming so horny from my verbal abuse I charge him another 100 Euro for handjob... But the...

Release: Jun. 30 2017

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The Strict Rubber Mistress

The Strict Rubber Mistress Exactly like this I like to train my slaves to obedient objects. Complete dressed in rubber and eagerly licking my thighhigh boots.I want you to clean my boots before you have the lightest chance to get some of my delicious spittings. But if you displeasure me in any way be sure you will be...

Release: Jun. 24 2017

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Pay the Latex Goddess

Pay the Latex Goddess I love it to humiliate submissive pay pigs. In this case I visit such a freak at home. Because he wrote before that he is a great strap-on fan, he was instructed by me per email to dress up in female lingerie with wig and make up like a cheap whore and open the door for me in this outfit. As...

Release: Jun. 17 2017

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Big Titted Latex Slave

Big Titted Latex Slave This latex slave is all decked out in a red and yellow latex outfit, a living pervy rubber doll, Mistress Asmondenas rubber plaything. The slave is finally relieved of the ballgag to be able to worship Mistress Asmondenas boots while she polishes her latex. Then Mistress Asmondena puts on...

Release: Jun. 11 2017

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