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Degradation of the Inferior Bootlicker

Degradation of the Inferior Bootlicker Lady Asmondena in skintight black latex, elbow long rubber gloves, and moreover plateau boots with mega high heels: At this sight the little slave experienced a violent contraction in his narrow rubber slip. His slave tongue could not resist at its place, without being asked it started...

Release: Jan. 11 2019

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Cruel Slave Dinner

Cruel Slave Dinner A humiliating slave dinner created after Lady Asmondenas special recipe. We need a riding crop, some sharp high heels with dusty soles and spice all with spit, smacking faceslaps, smelling nylons and of course a indefinable creepy brown cream served in the dogbowl placed in front of the...

Release: Jan. 05 2019

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Strap-On Whip Mistress

Strap-On Whip Mistress Today I really cannot make up My mind whether I prefer to inflict some terrific pain, a complete humiliation or an utter degradation to you, My pathetic addicted slaves. But hey, why choosing at all? I am Goddess Asmondena and My wish is your command! Let Me give you some video-instructions,...

Release: Dec. 28 2018

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Cleaning Out The Horny Wanker

Cleaning Out The Horny Wanker I just wanted to leave when this little horny pig begged me for a session quickie. He was so excited and horny that even a phonecall couldn't calm him down and so he shoot his load faster than expected in front of my boots. Easy earned money for...

Release: Dec. 21 2018

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Shoe And Foot Slave

Shoe And Foot Slave This brand new fetish video is dedicated to all foot lovers, addicted to exciting nylons and breath-taking high heels. I enjoy so much the view of a submissive foot slave crawling in front of my Divine Feet, while I sit comfortably on my sofa. I love to play and tease him with my delicious...

Release: Dec. 15 2018

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The Dominant Boss Secretary

The Dominant Boss Secretary He came for an interview, needs a job so bad. The arrogant chef secretary explains the boss isn't here today but he can stay for a test... At first he has to strip naked in front of her, is humiliated because of his poor employment reference and has to put on a rubber mask.That would be his...

Release: Dec. 08 2018

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Testing The Pain Slut

Testing The Pain Slut What happens if two sadistic ladies meets an extreme masochist you can watch here in a brand new double domination video with Lady Asmondena and Madame Estelle! The pain slut experiences the whole torture program from face slapping, nipple torture to branding, whipping, canining and finally...

Release: Nov. 29 2018

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Champagne Party For Losers

Champagne Party For Losers Today I had a nice evening with my friends Lady Sarah and Madame Estelle. A little pathetic annoying guy showed up and ruined our ladies night . Guess what 3 dominant , pervert ladies are doing with a little loser like him :) I can tell we enjoyed this evening very much and he knows...

Release: Nov. 23 2018

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The Electric Slave

The Electric Slave The slave wears a chastity belt and an electro-stimulation device with a remote that allows his mistress to administer punishments by simply pressing a little button. While being under total control by that remote, the slave gets to lick all of mistresses boots...

Release: Nov. 18 2018

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Bizarre Clinic Excess

Bizarre Clinic Excess Fixed on my gynchair this slave is anal trained with unbelievable big dildos and his nipples tortured with a violet wand. Later he is forced to masturbate with his hands chained...

Release: Nov. 10 2018

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