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Goddess Asmondena Teaches You To Wank

Goddess Asmondena Teaches You To Wank The video is just perfect for my little filthy pigs, who need to get really stuffed, Dressed in my sexy black latex catsuit I tell you in the most extreme way how you must get it filled. Since you explain certain things best by doing, I invited the extreme slut "Chantal" for that...

Release: Mar. 15 2019

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Funny Afternoon

Funny Afternoon What a boring afternoon until this slave newby came and after I gave him a basic lesson in bootlicking,faceslpas and spitting he became so horny that I introduce him to an inflatable lovedoll on which he may pleasure himself under my laughter ! What a pathetic view see this fool lick and fuck the...

Release: Mar. 08 2019

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Nipple Torture

Nipple Torture The slave happened to be naked but for a leather mask when I lead him into the clinic area. I had a lot of fun about his degradation, when I demanded him to do a blow job to my strap-on dildo and to lick my spit off the floor. It was time to insert pins into his breasts, of course on the...

Release: Mar. 01 2019

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Hard Times For Slaves

Hard Times For Slaves Lady Asmondena feels in a truely cruel mood, with a sudden need for slaves to humiliate and torture. That is easy to fulfill for Her, as the Lady keeps quite a few victims stored in a cellar in a secret SM location. Slave number 1 is perfectly suited for Her warm-up. Nothing should be left...

Release: Feb. 23 2019

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Double Slave Slut Training With Miss Velour Part 1

Double Slave Slut Training With Miss Velour Part 1 Because we had so much positive feedback from you, Miss Velour from England visited me a second time.Today I wanted her to introduce one of my slaves who dream about to be a perfect slave slut for his mistresses.As you can see there is a long way to bring this dream to reality. At first he has to...

Release: Feb. 15 2019

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Suck that Cock Bitch

 Suck that Cock Bitch Today was a very special day for one of my locked properties. I kept him already in chastity for more than 4 weeks. The horny Slut was willing to do everything to get out of his cage :) A perfect day for some evil plans . I ordered the bitchboy to come over. Little did he know that I had...

Release: Feb. 08 2019

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I am Your Boss

I am Your Boss This video in English language is a sophisticated demonstration of my absolute power and dominance over you little worm! Dressed in my new skintight leatherpants and telling you how pathetic and inferior you are, you will have no chance to resist my supremacy! Im your Boss , Boy! You have...

Release: Feb. 01 2019

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Trained To A Housepig

Trained To A Housepig The house pig serves his mistress in any way he can - licking her new high heeled boots, worshipping her feet in nylon stockings, licking bananas off the floor that his Mistress has crushed with her heels before, being a canvas for her artistic endeavours with hot red wax and being her fuck toy...

Release: Jan. 25 2019

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Lesson for the Bootfucker

Lesson for the Bootfucker The personal Assistant messed up his tasks as usual. Goddess Lady Asmondena is not amused and decides to teach this little submissive, ridiculous bootfucker a lesson. After a lot of verbal humiliation and some faceslapping action, this pathetic loser has to clean her amazingly sexy leather...

Release: Jan. 20 2019

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Degradation of the Inferior Bootlicker

Degradation of the Inferior Bootlicker Lady Asmondena in skintight black latex, elbow long rubber gloves, and moreover plateau boots with mega high heels: At this sight the little slave experienced a violent contraction in his narrow rubber slip. His slave tongue could not resist at its place, without being asked it started...

Release: Jan. 11 2019

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