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A Session in Black Leather

A Session in Black Leather Addicted for my black leather outfit this slave did all what I want. For a reward he was allowed to worship also my huge strapon which I wear under my...

Release: Jan. 13 2018

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OWK The Cruel Prisonguard

OWK The Cruel Prisonguard Three slaves were arrested in the cellars of the OWK. Lady Asmondena shows no mercy to punish with faceslaps ,whips and crops,feed them with garbage from the kitchen. The crushed slavemeal was served directly on the cold stone floor. The slaves has to crawl like worms to get their strange...

Release: Jan. 06 2018

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New Boots For The Goddess

New Boots For The Goddess This slave brought a pair of new boots for me. As a reward he gets a lesson in boot worship, nipple torture and later a fat dildo into his...

Release: Dec. 29 2017

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Rubber Doll For Pleasure

Rubber Doll For Pleasure This very exciting fetish video clips were done in the location and in cooperation with Well known for his spectacular productions in latex fetish filming and photography for many years. Between the Photo shootings we also made some delicious video clips in different outfits. In...

Release: Dec. 23 2017

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Slutty Slave Service

Slutty Slave Service The third chapter of the new "Slutty Slave" series The slutty slave thought it was over after his whipping and caning and put onhis business suit again to go back to the office but Mistress Asmondena wasnot done with him yet. She puts him to good use, serving her Champagne, cleaning her high...

Release: Dec. 16 2017

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Fetish Moments

Fetish Moments Follow me in 7 new clips on a short tour around my fetish world. As a silent voyeur you will, for instance, watch me while lubricating my latex outfits and blowing arrogantly my cigarette’s hot smoke into your face; your slave's mouth is thereby my ashtray. I love to wear gloves, putting...

Release: Dec. 09 2017

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The Slave Burial

The Slave Burial Lady Asmondena was in the mood for a little trip in the nature with her three prisoners. The sun was shining and the slaves needed some training. This beautiful morning none of them could know that two of them will never...

Release: Dec. 02 2017

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A Weekend With The Goddess

A Weekend With The Goddess A whole weekend with the Goddess-Every submissives dream came here to reality. Sleeping overnight in the cage,and beeing ready all the time for cleaning her shoes when she arrive from a party,preparing breakfast,giving footmassage. But it's not a weekend to relax for a slave. If you risk a...

Release: Nov. 25 2017

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A True Pay Pig

A True Pay Pig In this video I train a wealthy slave to a horny wild masturbating pay pig. How pathetic with his pig mask, pay cash for heavy humiliation and spit on him. Come on pig, grunt for me like a real pig while shaking your small penis, lick my boots and shoot your load in front of...

Release: Nov. 18 2017

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Submissive Daydreams

Submissive Daydreams A fetish video in which are shown the secret desires of a slave while serve me as a foot-and heel...

Release: Nov. 11 2017

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